Clover: A desktop application

Clover Desktop Application

Ever wanted to browse the desktop files and folders the way you do the internet browsing? Want a “Chrometop” which will increase productivity with the same lovely Google Chrome Environment? Say hello to Clover. Clover is a “free” solution to organize a desktop. Spending 30 minutes in blogging about Clover is worth it! Read on to explore.

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1 stop GIT resource: Git Ready, Git Set, Go

Git Logo

Hello Friends,

Long time since I blogged. Necessity is the mother of all blogs! 

Some of you may  be regular readers and some of you have landed because you need links and resource for the Talk on GIT that I gave :

I hope you find these resources helpful. Happy Gitting :)

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Turn Your Ubuntu Into Mac in less than 30 minutes


We all love Mac, the world's most amazing desktop. Today, we are going to see how to convert your Ubuntu desktop into Mac. Well, we can not change the core to Mac, but the make up makes it look like Mac. The project is named Macbuntu rightly. Its created by few of the most die hard fans of Mac and Ubuntu. If you don't like it, (if you're crazy enough not to like it), then you can easily uninstall it.

Though it does not require any prior knowledge of Unix commands, being well versed with Terminal commands will reduce your time by more than half.

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In My Final Years


In My Final Years
Well, to all my engineering friends, the alarm starts ringing in the final year: What after engineering? Should I join a company? Higher education - a better option? OR Oh my god, I`d better get married!!! (No jhanjat no pareshani Rasna Nimbu Pani.)
If you really know what you want to do, and are sure about it so early in life, then you are actually blessed. But, in most cases, the tender mind keeps wandering between options, fluctuating with indecisiveness about what to do and gets influenced more by what others have got than what one really wants.

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4 Easy Steps: Installing Google Big Query on Windows XP

This happens to be my first technical entry in the blog. I am a newbie in this programming world and I faced many problems when I wanted to install Google bigquery (Big Query). As there are no guides that teach you how to do it right from the start. There are readme files provided, but for beginners, its really difficult to find a tutorial which teaches how to install bigquery from scratch. This tutorial basically deals with how to run bq shell on windows XP.

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