Clover: A desktop application

Clover Desktop Application

Ever wanted to browse the desktop files and folders the way you do the internet browsing? Want a “Chrometop” which will increase productivity with the same lovely Google Chrome Environment? Say hello to Clover. Clover is a “free” solution to organize a desktop. Spending 30 minutes in blogging about Clover is worth it! Read on to explore.

Recently, my brother, Allahbaksh Asadullah, suggested me to use Clover.

It takes 5 minutes to fall in love, and 15 minutes to get addicted.

This was the shortest love at first sight ever!!

What is CLOVER:

Clover is a free extension to your age-old desktop file browser(Windows Explorer). It's intelligently built software. Clover helps browse through files, folders, saves time and many more exciting features. You feel at home with the Google Chrome type UI, which you are already familiar with.

Clover Demonstration and Install

  • Bookmark function
  • Drag the folder to the tab(to quickly open it)
  • Pin Tab
  • Easy to exit: a double click on open Tab
  • Ctrl +1/2/3 switch between tab pages
  • Mouse wheel slide on the label switching
  • Software updates

Enough yada yada, lets install:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Click on Download Button:

Download Clover


Download present version 2.0.136 (2.4MB) or the latest available.

Step3: double-click and install. And here you are ready to explore an entire new style of navigating your desktop.

In a very short span of time, clover has won several awards and there is no spyware, adware or virus. (Source: Softpedia)

Clover Awards

You may explore other details visiting the English section of the site over Quick tips and Clover Key Combinations: (Reference:

Operation Short Cut
Opens a new window. Ctrl + N
Opens a new tab. Ctrl + T
Opens the folder in a new tab in the background. Keep the Ctrl key pressed while clicking on the folder.
Re-opens the last closed tab. Ctrl + Shift + T
Opens the folder in tabs. Drag the folder tab.
Opens the folder in a new tab. Drag the folder to a blank area of the tab bar.
Opens tab in a new window. Tab out of the tab bar.
Opens the tab in the existing window. Tab from the tab bar onto the existing window.
Switches to the tab at the specified position Ctrl +1 to Ctrl +8
Switches to the last tab. Ctrl +9
Switches to the next tab. Ctrl + Tab or Ctrl + PgDown
Switches to the previous tab. Ctrl + Shift + Tab or Ctrl + PgUp
Closes the current window. Alt + F4
Closes current tab or pop-up window. Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4
Closes the clicked. tab Click on the tab with the middle mouse button (or mouse wheel).
Closes the tab Double-click the left mouse button.
Maximizes or minimizes the browsing window. Double-click a blank area of the tab bar(i.e., an area in which there are no tabs opened)
Hides/Displays the Bookmark Bar Ctrl + Shift + B
Bookmark the current folder/location Ctrl + D
Saves all the open locations into one bookmark folder Ctrl + Shift + D

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please share this with your friends! Have a wonderful week! Do drop your comments/suggestions.

A disclaimer: This software will change the way you browse through the files. The author is not responsible for the cats that die due to its use. Use it at your own risk.

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