Ice Cream Wala

A small travel experience which inspired me to write about the person who was honest against the expectations of the genration


I started blogging pretty late. I think this is the right time though. My first blog is dedicated to an

"Ice cream wala".

It was a hot morning. I was leaving for Davangere. Reached the R R bus stand at around 11.30 am. These buses wait till they are full. The timings are flexible by 15 minutes. So, I sat in the bus. The hawkers keep coming in the bus to sell chats, magazines and news papers. This Ice cream wala was one of them. Of course he was selling ice creams.

He passed by me with a varieties of ice cream sticks. I was not interested in purchasing any of them, he passed by. One of the man purchased a 10 rupee stick. He had 20 rupee note. Even the vendor didn't have change. The bus started moving. He told that he will get another 10 rupee ice cream instead and the man agreed. The ice cream wala got down from the bus. The co-passengers started making fun of the man saying that how did he trust him. The bus left and almost reached the gates of the bus stand. By this time I was very much interested in knowing if he will turn up. I wasn't sure though.

To my surprise, and the surprise of everyone, the old man entered the bus puffing and panting. He handed over the ice cream and hurriedly got down from the moving bus.

There was kind of disappointment which replaced the mocking smile of the co passengers. There were few faces which were delighted. Delighted because there are still persons who are honest.


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