Turn Your Ubuntu Into Mac in less than 30 minutes


We all love Mac, the world's most amazing desktop. Today, we are going to see how to convert your Ubuntu desktop into Mac. Well, we can not change the core to Mac, but the make up makes it look like Mac. The project is named Macbuntu rightly. Its created by few of the most die hard fans of Mac and Ubuntu. If you don't like it, (if you're crazy enough not to like it), then you can easily uninstall it.

Though it does not require any prior knowledge of Unix commands, being well versed with Terminal commands will reduce your time by more than half.

Mac OS X Transformation Pack. Macbuntu is an open-source program, designed to transform Linux’s appearance and layout into a Mac OS X environment. Although Macbuntu is dedicated to Ubuntu Linux OS, it can be used in other OS based on Debian/GTKma. I request you to read the disclaimer before you proceed.

Although this particular post is written basically for Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx), it will work fine for Ubuntu 10.01 too. For those of you who want to install it for future releases, a nice guide on installing Macbuntu can be found here. (for 11.04 and 11.10).

If you don't have Ubuntu, you can directly download a Macbuntu Iso and burn the image. A good reference can be found here

No, I am not making you jump from one link to another. We are beginning the installation right away:


1. Ubuntu 10.04 or 10.10

2.Internet connection. (probably, you have it since you are reading it online wink )

3. Patience and a cup of tea (or coffee).

Step 1:

Here is how it looks before you install:


Grab the Macbuntu project from here. Copy it from your downloads folder to desktop. Now tea/coffee plays a major role at this stage. Since our download speed sucks, enjoy coffee till it downloads smiley Decompress (extract or unzip) the downloaded file.

Step 2:

In the folder, you will find a file named install.sh. Double click on it and say run in terminal. The screen shot looks like: 


If it runs, keep answering those dumb Y and N questions till it installs. 

If it fails to run or nothing happens, you need to start the terminal. ( Ctrl+Alt+T). Browse to your unzipped Macbuntu folder by typing

cd Desktop/Macbuntu-10.10

Now you need to forcibly run it. Uff:

./install.sh force

This time the theme changes partially till the Macbutnu theme gets installed. The screen may look hybrid somewhat like below. I am posting it to keep the hopes alive smiley


Like I said, answer some Y and N questions and restart your system.

Voila!! Your Mac (Buntu) is ready to use.

Incase if you feel you don't need it anymore. Go to Macbuntu folder and uninstall it. As simple as that.yes

My desktop finally looks as beautiful as Mac now!!!



Hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to share it, copy it, redistribute it. In case you have any doubts use the comment section. If you come across a better resource, post it so that others can make use of it. Thank you for your stay at my blog. Have a nice day!!


I am in no way related to Macintosh. The logo of Apple and Macintosh are all trademarks of Apple Inc.

You are installing it at your own risk. Though it doesn't screw your system, I am in no way responsible.

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